Sunday, March 01, 2015

Greek Philosophers

Research into Greek philosophy could be the key to why our story is set in Grease. This pause in the dark ages was the start of 'reason' and the seed for the idea that 'science and man' could be the center of the universe rather than 'mythos'. Whilst neither of these are necessarily the wrong or right way to understand reality.. .a duality was discovered during this period and 'man and science' was set up to become the winner rather than 'mythos'. The world was split into object/subject, and one had to win.

Sadly this left mythology and art in an 'un-scientific' second place with no way to combine this duality into a cohesive understanding of our reality.

Prisg theorizes that the duilistic object/subject (science and mythos) should not be split, but can be joined as children of the true reality that he calls 'quality'. Also see 'Arete'

Look.. .here at some clever Greek fellows;

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Phasers on Stun.. .

I did this one on my Cintiq at home. The design feels really flat and boring, but I learned a lot about lighting whilst I was painting it. Also drawing the characters straight out of my head (the bodies at least) was quite successful for me.. .just a year ago, doing that would have been a disaster. All in all, i don't like it that much, but as a progression in my 2d abilities.. .I like it a lot. :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Girl With Bear.. .

Here's another one on the IPad using art studio. First one I've removed all the line work.. .that was the most fun part.. .just felt like painting at that point.

The Tourist.. .

Did this one on my iPad too. I love printing on this thing. It's awesome to have a whole set of paints and brushes so easily on hand. I just got the 'Jot Touch' quick works with Art Studio and has pressure sensitivity. Takes a little getting used to.. .and I'm still not sure about it.. .might be shit?!

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Guy in Coffee Shop.. .

This is the first painting that I did on my iPad. I really like setting the painting in a real environment as it teaches me about lighting and coloring. I used a rubber tipped stylus and Art Studio. I love this programs.. .it's a lot like a paired down version of everything you would use in Photo Shop to paint.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Superman.. .

Just a lil' interpritation of the  man of steel. ..printed this one out for a frame and a walling somewhwere. Here are a couple of development versions for the line work. Fiddled the proportions, head shape and gave him bigger muscles. When I coloured this one I had a serious amount of layers.. .such a 'nob head' way of doing things.. .still, I know a little better now! :)

Monday, August 06, 2012

Tuono V4 Tank Grips.. .

I made some Tank Grips for my new bike and I thought that they came out rather spiffy so here is the pattern if anyone in interested. I styled them to fit with the lines of the bike (if you get them on in the right place) and I have a few options for the middle crotch grip - there's a split version (lower in the image) and a whole version (higher). You can also only use the lower half of the split version which I think looks the nicest because it lines up nicely with the lines on the left and right grips; however.. .it offers less protection so I used the separate upper which gives you good protection and the lines still work with the side grips - best of both  world. I made mine out of Tech Spec SS tank grip rubber, but you could make them out of anything.. .wool, hamsters, jelly.. .what ever works for you! :)


Friday, February 17, 2012

Video Pixie.. .

I Got this little project from a friend to design a Pixie character for a web tool called 'Video Pixie'. It was a cool project as it gave ma a chance to work with a client without pressure (because I was working for free) and a chance to improve on my ability to draw women characters (something that I have a lot of difficulty with). The end result is by no means a masterpiece of design, but I made a lot of improvements in these areas as well as being able to work on my 'design appeal' skills.

For what it's worth.. .here are some of the development designs.. .

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Toothless Melman

A friend of mine had a little accident recently.. .She bashed her front teeth out in some kind of falling over accident. She likes giraffes so I couldn't resist putting this little card together for her.. .get well soon!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Preston Design Project.. .

I was thinking about having a tattoo, so I started on designs based on characters that I have worked on in previous films. I'm not going to ink myself with this one, but it got me interested in design and I really enjoyed working in 2D again. I reproduced this in a metal plate for a print project that Nif Hodgson was working on and above you can see the final print. You can see the other prints in the project here.

This is where I started.. .Kind of rubbish, and inspired a little by the work of UK tattoo artist Tanane Whitfield (but his work is really good!) From here I set out to find my own style. I felt like the first two were a bit week in their spines so I tried to find something with a stronger back so to speak, and explored the robot motif at the same time. Then I went really angular to see what I would get and the final design was a mix prety much everything, and some how managed to work.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Man Attacks Bird with Fork.. .

I was working on some self portrait designs when I came up with a character that I was interested in putting in a scene. Whilst I was developing these images Priscilla Wong (my awesome 2D mentor) helped me draw them in a more 3 dimensional way. Drawing through, and choosing the eye line etc.. . It's by no means 'great art', but I did take a few small steps forward working on the project. :)

I started with these Self portraits. I don't know if any of them really look like me, but the point was to play with design and simplification. Graphic shapes and interesting proportions. I did a lot more iterations than shown here.

Then I did this sketch, which really isn't me, but I liked it and wanted to use it as a test piece and take it into something feeling a little more 3D.

. ..then the bird. I wanted to keep the shape really simple, and that worked out well as a I was able to make them 3D quite easily. Simple and fun. Again, I did many more iterations than this.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Mr White.. .

Here is me looking very rough in a short film that I helped make with some friends. I spent a lot of time on my hands and knees eating corn syrup and crying. Highlights of the shoot included myself spitting in the other guys face from a distance of one and a half meters (sorry Nelson), and one of my legs falling asleep when I tried to stand. Also, I was able to steal other peoples beers with ease as my bloody appearance seemed put them off sharing a brew... .SCORE!

Great fun to be working in front of a camera for a change. :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Multiple Sclerosis Fella.. .

My dad asked me to produce a character that illustrates a condition called 'Drop Foot' for the 'MS Society', a national UK organization that provides help to people suffering with MS.

MS is a disease of the myelin sheaf (the covering of a nerve) and is primarily caused by lesions laid down  by our immune response in the event of a MS attack, which then stops the transition of nerve impulses to corresponding muscles. This means that those impulses cannot move the muscles in for example the leg or foot (being prime candidate of muscles which fail to operate); which in a nut shell is 'Drop Foot' - a condition where the foot is said to feel like a flipper.

This character will be used in the creation of a poster to help iscrease awareness of 'Drop Foot', and will be displayed in hospitals and departments which specifically deal with MS.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Shrunken Head Dog.. .

I was asked to do a small piece of art for auction at the 15 year reunion dinner for the 'Shrunken Head Man' club at San Jose State University. This is the Animation club that everybody there in the animation course is a member of. It helps the students with found raising and is a support network for project collaboration for the students. I had a go at making a Gromit.. .see if the latent Aardman muscle is still firing for the little fella.. .and I think it is.! He feels a little like an older Gromit.. .less cute than the latest films - more my era I guess. :)

I went up to the Lucas 'Big Rock Ranch' to present it to Andrea Rhodes the happy winning bidder on the Gromit and a very talented artist to boot. She was very happy gave me, my Dad and his partner Angela a tour of the grounds.

Then the awesome Mr Don Ta gave us a tour of the "Skywalker Ranch' where George Lucas was taking some tea with someone.. .oooh! And he bought us presents. . .what an amazing star!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Eco Tubeless Tire Inflator.. .

More and more mountain bike racing can cause the pursuit lower and lower tire pressures and eventually lead to a condition known as "Tubeless - Gimme NOW!" And as such I have been struck down and afflicted. However, I also suffer from "I don't want a 'ruddy great cumbersome/un-portable compressors" syndrome - where upon I consult 'cube mate' Dr. Dave (the oracle of all things tinkering) for an alternative solution; and in his usual unfaltering nature he prescribes at me like my dirty champion. So cast your mind if you will to a universe where, not only can you inflate/fit your tubeless tires with the required high pressure blast that is akin only to a pro-longed Indian diet (I speak from experience); but also with a system that is portable, field rechargeable, and consumes no electricity. That universe is here for you now.. .and it's name!? We call it quite simply 'The Fire Extinguisher.. .'

Here's the basic 1, 2, 3 principle:
  1. Use bicycle pump pressurize a fire extinguisher.
  2. Use fire extinguisher to inflate/fit tire.
  3. Marvel over lovely tubeless tires.. .

I'm not going to go into details, where's the fun in that!? - bloody work it out yourselves, but here's the basic 'what you'll need':
  1. Old fire extinguisher - get, empty, lacquer, inside & out (oil inside to prevent rust).
  2. Pressurizing system - something to hold down release valve and a schrader or presta valve that attaches to main tube of the extinguisher.
  3. Pressurizing system (alt) - a schrader or presta valve fitted in the extinguisher shoulder itself.
  4. Tire inflating system - Pump head that attaches to main tube of extinguisher.
  5. Fittings - tubes, pressure gauge, fittings, gas tape etc.

Here are some of the variables to consider:
  1. Extinguisher size - smaller is more portable, but you get less inflates per charge and visa versa.
  2. Extinguisher handle - a metal system is stronger if you can find one.
  3. Extinguisher type - some have schrader valve fitted to shoulder already (Pressurizing system sorted), but their usually the big canisters.
  4. Fittings - make sure that they all fit, it's why their called fittings so don't abuse their names (keep receipts).
  5. Pressurizing system on main tube - requires more fittings/money, but doesn't breach (weaken) extinguisher wall.

If you're really interested in making one of these for yourself then all you need do is study the pictures below and get at it. I didn't know what I was doing, but a little bit of research and some planning and it was done.. .worked first time.. .BOSH!

If you're unsure about anything, just post a question and I'll try to answer it the best I can. In the mean time, here's a picture of my now fully XC race ready, light as you like, goo framed, camel free, 30psi gravel gripping trail devastator.. .now go and sit in the corner with your hands on your head and think about all of the bad things that you've done.. .


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Spiderman.. .a process study.

I am big fan of the Comic art of Humberto Ramos and Francisco Herrea and especially the way that they draw Spider man. Their work has inspired me to have a go at a funky sculpture of the webbed fella, and the above image is the first stage in its creation. I though that I could use this as a case study to look at how I put these things together, seeing as a few people have been asking my advice at work lately. Righty-tighty - off we go.. .

1. First I wound two pieces of aluminum wire together, and arranging them in shape and proportions of my design I epoxied them at hips and chest to make a strong yet flexible armature that I can adjust as I fine tune the weight of the Piece. I use thick enough wire to be able to hold the pose at the brace of the foot and the ankle. This is where the most weight is being taken so it's the weakest, and if I have a character with a thin ankles, standing on one toe then I'll use Steel and then attach that to aluminum wire at a point of less strain.. the hips of shoulders.

2. I like to 'key' the armature by winding cotton thread around it and then covering it in plastic cement glue. This helps the clay stick to the wire.. .always tricky thing.. .especially with thinner characters. Some people will bulk up some areas of the armature with putty but I find that that makes me less flexible with the design. Unless I have a really clear set of plans I won't do this. I want to be free to adjust the core of the shape as it forms.

3. This armature is pegged into the base using sleeved K&S brass square section - male on the figure and female on the base. This is very important.. it makes the figure solid and controllable. You want to be sure that my figure can support it's own weight when it's hardened. This might sometimes mean adding supports whilst I work on it and taking them off after baking (I did this with Man Holding Bear). But if the thing still can't take it's weight when it comes out of the oven without some horrible support sticking out of it's crotch then your stuck trying to paint the unsightly thing to look like something inconspicuous. Use your imagination.. . :)

4. To start sculpting I covering the whole armature in a thin layer of Super Sculpy. And then I sculpt a foot. I need a foot to start.. .it's where all of the weight goes and if I don't believe in the foot I cant believe in the weight of the model. Perhaps this comes from Stop motion and 'tying' down models with threaded bar, but there has to be one foot before I will continue the model. That foot could change completely.. .and probably will, but I NEED IT to get going. FOOT...!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Man Holding a Toy Bear.. .

 In January I had a day of life drawing with Michael Mattesi. He has these theories of Force within the figure that help track energy as it flows through the figure. For me it was a real unlocker for my understanding of the human form and I started sketching the figure all over the place.. .

 . ..This resulted in a small figure sketch that inspired me to enter into a sculpting endeavor - something that I haven't done for a while. It started out as a naive stylized piece and ended up turning into a stylized anatomical study. Being my first anatomical study I borrowed Eliot Goldfinger's 'Human Anatomy for Artists' from Chris Bancroft along with some of his advice and flashed my 'work in progress' in front of the also very talented Bryce McGovern. Thanks lads.. .:)

It's October and I have finally made the time to finish. Fully painted with acrylic and doused in super glue here and there here he is.I opted for the pooed on statue feel in the end which I am pleased about. I was going to go down the flat color with cool tattoos path, but it just didn't suit the style, but it's just not graphic enough style of sculpture. I particularly like how the back turned out so here's   a couple of moody black and whites of that too.. .

Sunday, January 20, 2008

E. Bogan Special.. .

I decided to for fill a boyhood dream - well not so much as a dream really, more of a fancy I guess - of making a remote control car from one of those kits and this is what I made... . It's a Team Losi xxx4 Graphite.

I designed the graphics in 'Photo shop' using a layered PSD with shading, highlighting and masking all built in so that you could easily just drop different designs in and get a good idea of what they would look like. I had to do about 7-10 coats using masking etc to spray the body and added some of the decals that came with the kits as well as some of my own design. I even ended up making decals for the wheels and insides to show where adjusters are etc as well as dooing new lables to match the inside design. I call it the 'E. Bogan' special and it is dedicated to Elaine and her destain for RC Cars.

I went a bit crazy on the power side of things (as is my like) and put in a brushless motor system along with a 11.1V Li-Po battery. I managed to destroy a belt and a drive gear and even melted a 'kevlar slipper spur gear'. But with a bit of re-enforcing and some fine tuning I managed to channel all that power to the wheels in the end. I had to do quite allot of grinding of the body to fit all this in as well and add reinforcing in other areas. I reckon it dose some where between 50 and 60 mph.. .


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More Cowboys.. .

Elaine Bogan has gotten me into the drawing of cowboys (that bad girl). Please don't compare mine to hers though.. . er their not comparable styles.. .um .. . I was feeling a bit ill when I drew them.. .a. .ah. .. .my arm is broken. Ok.. .she kicks my a#se! (and she really dose)

Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Rubiks Jerk.. .

Man, It's been a while since I popped something up on me ol' blog. So here is somat that I made about 4 months ago. It's a 'Rubiks Jerk' - a version of the 'Rubiks Cube' made into a present for my lovely lady friend. I re-did the graphics too for the box.. . .on the underside you may be able to make out the my 'belly bum' a bottom likeness achieved by pushing the left and right sides of ones belly together around your belly button.. .live the dream!

Also.. ."I Love The Rubiks Cube!" there.. .I'm out!