Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Man Holding a Toy Bear.. .

 In January I had a day of life drawing with Michael Mattesi. He has these theories of Force within the figure that help track energy as it flows through the figure. For me it was a real unlocker for my understanding of the human form and I started sketching the figure all over the place.. .

 . ..This resulted in a small figure sketch that inspired me to enter into a sculpting endeavor - something that I haven't done for a while. It started out as a naive stylized piece and ended up turning into a stylized anatomical study. Being my first anatomical study I borrowed Eliot Goldfinger's 'Human Anatomy for Artists' from Chris Bancroft along with some of his advice and flashed my 'work in progress' in front of the also very talented Bryce McGovern. Thanks lads.. .:)

It's October and I have finally made the time to finish. Fully painted with acrylic and doused in super glue here and there here he is.I opted for the pooed on statue feel in the end which I am pleased about. I was going to go down the flat color with cool tattoos path, but it just didn't suit the style, but it's just not graphic enough style of sculpture. I particularly like how the back turned out so here's   a couple of moody black and whites of that too.. .


Anonymous said...

J, that's chuffin' brilliant that :)

Anonymous said...

I meant not to anon, it's Rob R sorryyyy xxx

Spungle-Bungles said...

Hey rob.. .thanks mate. I've just started to paint this monkey adfter it's been sitting fallow in my apartment for about 8 months! I'll update with some pictures in a month or so.. .painting him bl8ue and like an old staturwith bird shite on and what not. :)