Saturday, August 11, 2012

Superman.. .

Just a lil' interpritation of the  man of steel. ..printed this one out for a frame and a walling somewhwere. Here are a couple of development versions for the line work. Fiddled the proportions, head shape and gave him bigger muscles. When I coloured this one I had a serious amount of layers.. .such a 'nob head' way of doing things.. .still, I know a little better now! :)

Monday, August 06, 2012

Tuono V4 Tank Grips.. .

I made some Tank Grips for my new bike and I thought that they came out rather spiffy so here is the pattern if anyone in interested. I styled them to fit with the lines of the bike (if you get them on in the right place) and I have a few options for the middle crotch grip - there's a split version (lower in the image) and a whole version (higher). You can also only use the lower half of the split version which I think looks the nicest because it lines up nicely with the lines on the left and right grips; however.. .it offers less protection so I used the separate upper which gives you good protection and the lines still work with the side grips - best of both  world. I made mine out of Tech Spec SS tank grip rubber, but you could make them out of anything.. .wool, hamsters, jelly.. .what ever works for you! :)