Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Elaine in PJ's

This is a picture of a Elaine based on another painting of a guy wearing pajamas who has sharp teeth. It was a present. Check out her site if you get the chance, her work is really good - 'Eel Bog' in the links.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Boat Trips..

It is the end of the day and I am home from work. Bloody hard at the moment. We are bringing in a feature film and have a lot of imovable dates to hit so we will be working every Saturday for the next 7 weeks.. .it's gonna be tough.

By golly they work hard in the states!! Not much vacation either. It is worth it though cos the film is looking great and when it is done and my eyes are flucked and my brain is dead, I'm taking a few months off for some writing, drawing, traveling, chilling, bike riding, jumping out of aeroplanes, diving off of cliffs.. .

..and a nice big shite!

I is In the Cibero-Spacer-Wacer

Er. Hello nobody. I am Jason. That is my name and here I am in the internet on a site being.. .

Um. Why don't you go and do something usefull with your life you useless lay about. Just sitting there in front of the computer day in, day out eating your cheese and picking you toe nails. I don't .. .yes be like me, I have no nails on either of my big toes and I am happy so live with it or me 'cos stuff.. .

There is lovely lady lying in my bed behind me, yet here I am sitting at the computator Drivel, wheres my. ..of, I just dropped a bit of spit onto my key board. It is detatchable like in the way that a plate is datatchable from the cupbord that you might keep it in but it still works when you take it out. My sister is a plate, I love her.. .

I have a friend who she is smaller than me. I call her 'small friend' and one time I stood on her hand. She cried and I felt bad.

This is my first blog entery. Here it is. yes.