Sunday, March 01, 2015

Greek Philosophers

Research into Greek philosophy could be the key to why our story is set in Grease. This pause in the dark ages was the start of 'reason' and the seed for the idea that 'science and man' could be the center of the universe rather than 'mythos'. Whilst neither of these are necessarily the wrong or right way to understand reality.. .a duality was discovered during this period and 'man and science' was set up to become the winner rather than 'mythos'. The world was split into object/subject, and one had to win.

Sadly this left mythology and art in an 'un-scientific' second place with no way to combine this duality into a cohesive understanding of our reality.

Prisg theorizes that the duilistic object/subject (science and mythos) should not be split, but can be joined as children of the true reality that he calls 'quality'. Also see 'Arete'

Look.. .here at some clever Greek fellows;