Saturday, December 23, 2006

Vampire Horse.. .

So Kev says to I that he thought this one was nice enough to pop onto ye ol' blog. I did 3 vampire horse pictures of which this is the first. The 2nd I will post after I colour it as it don't really work just as an ink piece (it needs its volumes filling!). you'll see.. .

Friday, December 08, 2006

Project Gromit

I made a couple of Gromits for me and my friend Kev. Here is the armature care of John Wright Modelmaking in England. He's a star and has done loads of model work the Wallace & Gromit films. I took off the sharp edges to make it as small as possible for the skin and keyed it with cotton (not shown) so that the plasticine would hold better.
Blocking out the plasticine - they look like something off of 'Village Of The Damned' and give me numerous night mares starring William Shatner aka - The Shat. For some reason 'Village Of The Damned' always reminds me of 'The Devil's Rain'
Nose and eyes HAVE to be the right size so that I can get the proportions of the face right. I cast these from a solid Gromit that was a going-away gift from the 'Ware Rabbit' team. See the mould in front of the forks - its a bloomin' fuss when you don't have the right tools. Took me a day to make them noses proper - making mold, molding, undercoting, sanding, spraying, fitting stem.. .bla.. bla.. .bal.. . .
Detail pass - I haven't touched Gromit for a few years and he changes subtly with each film. For example, in the feature film his tail got shorter and his face got a little fatter. My mate Ian Whitlock helped bring me up to date with the face. I also posed the model at this stage and use water to help smooth him down to get the final smooth finish on the surface (useful tip me thinks).

The Final part was altering the plasticine for the ears. I only had a small supply and it was too dry at first, so I mixed it with some Vaseline (petroleum base), but I put too much in and it went like soft cheese, so I had to buy some black board chalk, mash it to dust and mix that in, but I didn't have a pestle and mortar so I spent about a day smashing the plasticine against a wooden chopping board with a hammer!

Thoughtful Robot.. ?

Here's a thoughtfully robot that I made about a year ago for a friend.
He is about 2.5 inches tall. Aluminum wire armature with sculpey on top. Gas mark 6 (130C or 275F) for 15 minutes. Leave to stand for until cool and paint with acrylic until colourful - Serves four.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Big ME.. .

Here is a bigger version of the 'logo' or that ever it is type thing that is now in the top right hand of my blog. I'm getting an understanding of the way that I colour things more but it is still taking me a while. I squidged around the characters in the end to get the character to stage nicely in a small square format. Cheers.. .

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Here is another fishy. I drew it at the same time as I drew 'Glib' but it took me ages to get around to colouring it in. In the end I decided to put a 'film grain' effect on top. A cheap way to finnish it off but I like the way that it mushed some of the colour together - like with the blood i the water. Then I upped the contrast - I don't mind loosing some detail if it gives you a better over all atmosphere.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Here is a drawing of a cowboy inspired by a recent trip to Calico in California. It's an old Cowboy silver mining ghost town. They put on gun shows, dress up in period costume and there is a train in the middle that takes you around the old mine. You can camp there too.. .much fun!

Glib.. .

It's been a while since I posted something here but here we are with a picture of my fish. His name is 'Glib' and he was a presant (or refugee) from my friend Stephanie - a poet that recently moved to NY to study. I am not very good with BG's and colour, in fact the whole drawing thing is something that I haven't ventured close to in a while but at the moment I am feeling inspired so there are more on the way.

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Black Keys

Went to see 'The Black Keys' the other day at the Avalon in Hollywood with Elaine (her treat - 'You Rock!'). They were amazing! Can't believe how much they filled up the the air with just a guitar and a drum kit so I drew this picture of them bashing out some tunes. Check 'um out if you ever get the chance. If you don't get a chance.. . .Make One!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

sOng.. .

Today in my car I created a song. It's called the 'Yum-Bum' song. Basically you sing the words 'Yum' and 'Bum' to the tune of 'If I wERE A rICH mAN' - That Song frOm 'Fiddler on the RooF'. Occasionally toss in a few words from the origional and here and there change the word 'yum' for 'Yummie' and 'BuM' for "bUmmiE'.. .Try it, it will keep you and your family aMMused for HopuRS on those Ling Trip into the Desart to buRy peOple. .

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Elaine in PJ's

This is a picture of a Elaine based on another painting of a guy wearing pajamas who has sharp teeth. It was a present. Check out her site if you get the chance, her work is really good - 'Eel Bog' in the links.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Boat Trips..

It is the end of the day and I am home from work. Bloody hard at the moment. We are bringing in a feature film and have a lot of imovable dates to hit so we will be working every Saturday for the next 7 weeks.. .it's gonna be tough.

By golly they work hard in the states!! Not much vacation either. It is worth it though cos the film is looking great and when it is done and my eyes are flucked and my brain is dead, I'm taking a few months off for some writing, drawing, traveling, chilling, bike riding, jumping out of aeroplanes, diving off of cliffs.. .

..and a nice big shite!

I is In the Cibero-Spacer-Wacer

Er. Hello nobody. I am Jason. That is my name and here I am in the internet on a site being.. .

Um. Why don't you go and do something usefull with your life you useless lay about. Just sitting there in front of the computer day in, day out eating your cheese and picking you toe nails. I don't .. .yes be like me, I have no nails on either of my big toes and I am happy so live with it or me 'cos stuff.. .

There is lovely lady lying in my bed behind me, yet here I am sitting at the computator Drivel, wheres my. ..of, I just dropped a bit of spit onto my key board. It is detatchable like in the way that a plate is datatchable from the cupbord that you might keep it in but it still works when you take it out. My sister is a plate, I love her.. .

I have a friend who she is smaller than me. I call her 'small friend' and one time I stood on her hand. She cried and I felt bad.

This is my first blog entery. Here it is. yes.