Monday, October 24, 2011

Preston Design Project.. .

I was thinking about having a tattoo, so I started on designs based on characters that I have worked on in previous films. I'm not going to ink myself with this one, but it got me interested in design and I really enjoyed working in 2D again. I reproduced this in a metal plate for a print project that Nif Hodgson was working on and above you can see the final print. You can see the other prints in the project here.

This is where I started.. .Kind of rubbish, and inspired a little by the work of UK tattoo artist Tanane Whitfield (but his work is really good!) From here I set out to find my own style. I felt like the first two were a bit week in their spines so I tried to find something with a stronger back so to speak, and explored the robot motif at the same time. Then I went really angular to see what I would get and the final design was a mix prety much everything, and some how managed to work.

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