Sunday, January 20, 2008

E. Bogan Special.. .

I decided to for fill a boyhood dream - well not so much as a dream really, more of a fancy I guess - of making a remote control car from one of those kits and this is what I made... . It's a Team Losi xxx4 Graphite.

I designed the graphics in 'Photo shop' using a layered PSD with shading, highlighting and masking all built in so that you could easily just drop different designs in and get a good idea of what they would look like. I had to do about 7-10 coats using masking etc to spray the body and added some of the decals that came with the kits as well as some of my own design. I even ended up making decals for the wheels and insides to show where adjusters are etc as well as dooing new lables to match the inside design. I call it the 'E. Bogan' special and it is dedicated to Elaine and her destain for RC Cars.

I went a bit crazy on the power side of things (as is my like) and put in a brushless motor system along with a 11.1V Li-Po battery. I managed to destroy a belt and a drive gear and even melted a 'kevlar slipper spur gear'. But with a bit of re-enforcing and some fine tuning I managed to channel all that power to the wheels in the end. I had to do quite allot of grinding of the body to fit all this in as well and add reinforcing in other areas. I reckon it dose some where between 50 and 60 mph.. .



Anonymous said...


Dave Bogan said...

Hey wow you got a car! I have one too! Team Associated. No brushless motor though. I always wanted one when I was a kid but never had the guts to ask my dad to fork out the dough for one. My pal Derek went up to Sacramento to take his on the track (offroad with ramps and everything) He said it was great! We should go up there some time.

Dave Bogan said...

BTW Elaine you should feel so lucky to have a car named after you :)
Nice paint job Jason. I'm drinking some really good wine right now btw.

Anonymous said...

*this is me ignoring you both*

Gnarfdeath said...

Hey! Hey!! Thanks for picking up Chicas, Freaks, and Monsters! Good to hear your friend enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

You are monster! Ha ha ha :)

Rob Badgers said...


Nice car matey :) awesome speed !

Would be dead nice to hear from you x

I saw Pete P from afar today, but it was a crowded garden center & couldn't rugby tackle him to point out I was there.

rob at lotb dot co dot uk


craig said...

Hey Jason. hope you're enjoying your time back up in northern Cal!