Friday, October 01, 2010

Shrunken Head Dog.. .

I was asked to do a small piece of art for auction at the 15 year reunion dinner for the 'Shrunken Head Man' club at San Jose State University. This is the Animation club that everybody there in the animation course is a member of. It helps the students with found raising and is a support network for project collaboration for the students. I had a go at making a Gromit.. .see if the latent Aardman muscle is still firing for the little fella.. .and I think it is.! He feels a little like an older Gromit.. .less cute than the latest films - more my era I guess. :)

I went up to the Lucas 'Big Rock Ranch' to present it to Andrea Rhodes the happy winning bidder on the Gromit and a very talented artist to boot. She was very happy gave me, my Dad and his partner Angela a tour of the grounds.

Then the awesome Mr Don Ta gave us a tour of the "Skywalker Ranch' where George Lucas was taking some tea with someone.. .oooh! And he bought us presents. . .what an amazing star!!!

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Jeanie Chang said...

Awesome! It's great to see Gromit with an SHM shirt. :D