Sunday, June 12, 2011

Multiple Sclerosis Fella.. .

My dad asked me to produce a character that illustrates a condition called 'Drop Foot' for the 'MS Society', a national UK organization that provides help to people suffering with MS.

MS is a disease of the myelin sheaf (the covering of a nerve) and is primarily caused by lesions laid down  by our immune response in the event of a MS attack, which then stops the transition of nerve impulses to corresponding muscles. This means that those impulses cannot move the muscles in for example the leg or foot (being prime candidate of muscles which fail to operate); which in a nut shell is 'Drop Foot' - a condition where the foot is said to feel like a flipper.

This character will be used in the creation of a poster to help iscrease awareness of 'Drop Foot', and will be displayed in hospitals and departments which specifically deal with MS.

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